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Neem for Life

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What is neem?

“NEEM: The Tree for Solving Global Problems.” (National Academies of Science, Washington DC)

What is Bao An?

“Bảo An: To Protect and Secure Life” (in Vietnamese language)

How can neem be found in Vietnam?  Isn’t it true that neem is only available from India?

About two decades ago, Vietnam  government faced a major dilemma in a unique geographical anomaly in south central coastal Map neem VietnamVietnam: desertification!  Each year the windy and dried air season is blown from the East Sea bringing with it large amount of sand that brought the coast of Ninh Thuan province into an expanding … desert.  Scientists from Vietnam and the world were called to figure out how to stop this process.  The villagers who live along this coast line are mostly the Cham people whose root are from the Cham Kingdom.  Vegetation slowly disappeared.  Villagers started to move to bigger cities as far as Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang and abandoned their homes.  Fortunately, a solution was found by the life science team of Vietnam.  The research team observed that certain parts of India also had arid dried air problems.  Yet life is going on for thousands of years.  The secret of life was the “neem” trees that were planted and nurtured by Indian people for generations that kept their villages together with greenery and lively hoods.

Seedlings of neem trees were given by Indian government to Vietnam government under a cooperative program to be planted and to find out if neem trees from India could live and grow in the coastal desert of Vietnam.  To the bewildering excitement of scientists, government officials and the people who stay along this coast, neem trees started to take roots, grew bigger and multiply on the sandy desert floor.  After twenty years, neem has been planted and grown into a national forest of 6000 hectares.  Villagers also were given seedlings to plant on their own.  Today, the total neem forest and private planting in Ninh Thuan is reaching 30,000 hectares with neem trees from 7 to 15 years old.

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Neem oil from neem seed is a proven source of bio-pesticides.  Neem cake, a by-product from the process of making neem oil, is widely used as an organic fertilizer.  Neem leaf extract is used in many medicinal and cosmetic products.

Neem World Bao An is a private company.  We harvest neem seeds that are otherwise going to waste and process them into valuable neem oil and neem cake for use by global farmers.  We bring our neem oil, neem cake and neem leaf products to the world from Vietnam neem’s forest and private planting.  In this pursuit, we help creating income for the local villagers, providing jobs for workers and harvesters, and building and promoting a new brand from Vietnam for neem related industry.  We create our own global brand: “NEEM World Bao An, or NEEMBA.”